Think yourself slim in 2016!

So how are you getting on with your new years resolutions - have you forgotten or broken them yet? I love a new years resolution! What better time to start a fresh than the new year, but as we all know resolutions made at this time of year are often forgotten by the time we get back to normality. The true art of goal setting is being able to see the prize, imagining what it will feel like to achieve and bringing that alive. This takes practice and many people struggle to start with. Step 1 … [Read more...]

The toughest day of the year!

I know that many of you are going to get back to camp this week and will be starting out on a cleaner nutrition plan than you may have followed the last two weeks! Don't worry! We have all over indulged the last few weeks! I personally think that this is the worst day of the year for me!This morning was tough, when that alarm went off this morning I snoozed it, for an hour! Not a great start to the week!Its the morning so many of us have promised ourselves will be our new start, kids back … [Read more...]

Stay Fit This Christmas

Composite image of festive fit brunette holding apple

Staying fit during the build up to Christmas can feel like an uphill struggle with all the Christmas parties and get-togethers. But December doesn’t have to be the end of your exercise routine, in fact, it shouldn’t, especially when we can go way over board with our eating and drinking habits this time of year. These bad habits often mean a workout is the last thing we feel like doing. The thing to do is come up with realistic goals and rules, as the chances are you are going to … [Read more...]

Safe Christmas Shopping Tactics

supermarket cart

If you want to lose a few pounds before Christmas then you need to keep your wits about you whilst you do your weekly shop because its war out there! Everywhere I turn I am being offered kilo tins of chocolate, the smell of freshly baked bread is being pumped out all over the store and there are mince pies on special offer to greet me the minute I walk in the door. It all looks delicious especially as breakfast is a distant memory and lunch is due at any minute. So what’s a girl to … [Read more...]

How to enjoy the party season and stay looking hot!

Christmas party friends have fun at bar

Happy Christmas, because it has started hasn’t it, the festivities, the winding down, the odd mince pie here and there, the Christmas do’s and the start of the extra few pounds you could gain over the season!! If you are an A lister who has been invited to every party in town then heres a few survival tips to keep you ahead of the game! Before I start I want to clarify something, this article concentrates on heavily on calories, something we don’t consider to be that important at … [Read more...]

Love Food But Don’t Cook?

I haven’t written on here for a while but I wondered if you would like to join me on a little challenge? I love food, I think it is our medicine and I really do marvel in the power it has to heal us and keep us well. The idea of cooking up tasty dishes is appealing to me and although my cooking isn’t bad and our meals certainly aren’t bland I am lacking an amount of adventurousness in the kitchen. I just never have the time, but today it struck me that I really do enjoy it and I … [Read more...]

Why do we really turn to sweet foods in times of crisis and stress?


I accompanied a client to a difficult appointment the other day and as we nervously went it the receptionist asked us if we would like a cup of tea, now I don’t usually drink tea but as I sat there with my warm cup I instantly felt myself relax. It was quite amazing how a simple cup of warm flavoured water could do that to you. It was the first time that I really truly appreciated how food and drink can comfort us. It is the reason so many of us turn to sweet foods or drinks when we … [Read more...]

How to booze and not ruin your diet (sort of!)


If you are currently losing weight following the BABEs feelFab Formula and eating clean then a three day weekend could be a bit of a scary prospect for you! The weekend is a time when many of us find our resolve waning as a cheat meal turns into a cheat weekend that can undo a weeks worth (or more!) of good work So how can you get through one of the most sociable weekends of the year without a few drinks spoiling your efforts? Well firstly take a few steps back and look at what you have … [Read more...]

Starting a another diet today??


So after another rather fab weekend (I just love summer socialising don't you?) I am back on focus today with my clean eating, its the same most Monday mornings unless I am doing one of my quarterly detox's but the truth is that most weekends I kick back and loosen the reigns slightly so Mondays are always back to being clean! I am not saying that a go crazy, but I may well succumb to a glass of Prosecco (or two!) and maybe a piece of dark chocolate - like I say nothing too bonkers! … [Read more...]

To weight or not to weigh? That is the question!

So the other day we were talking about bursting bubbles with negative comments and experiences  – well I burst my own last week!A  little conundrum for you today..... Having had a ridiculously busy year last year (marrying my partner of 17 years, moving house, 4 holidays (poor me!) turning 40 and all the other day to day stuff!) the best year of my life but one that left me with several food intolerances, a stressed out system and a spare tire! Hence 2014 is the year I am getting myself … [Read more...]