Why Do You Really Need to Lose Weight This Year?

How many times do you think to yourself, I really need to lose weight or get fit? Daily? Hourly?

That’s the first reason you really need to lose weight, it is occupying your mind and taking up precious thoughts.

Every time you think “I need to lose weight” you’re reminding yourself that once again you have failed, you have failed from the last time you said it.

You are just reinforcing your negative self-image.

You really want to lose weight but you can’t, so you feel a failure, which leads to further sabotaging thoughts such as “what’s wrong with me, why am I so weak?

Thoughts like that lead to feelings of emptiness and low self-worth, and it’s those feelings that lead to self-soothing habits such as drinking or mindless eating.

Remember THOUGHTs become FEELINGs become ACTIONs

How about the amount of time you spend looking at your wardrobe each morning, all the beautiful clothes you have, that either used to fit or you bought thinking they soon will.

Or the fact you dread the summer holidays you work so hard for, simply because you need to bare flesh.

What about feeling unattractive next to friends, or being too self-conscious to have sex with the light on.

Or feeling embarrassed in front of your children when you can’t play in the park, or hurt because someone makes a flippant comment.

Maybe you are avoiding social situations?

We know how you feel, because these are the things that come up in our 1-2-1 coaching sessions again and again.

But the real reason is you really need to lose weight because it is grinding you down!

You need to lose weight so you can feel GOOD about looking in your wardrobe
You need to lose weight so you can get EXCITED about your next holiday
You need to lose weight so you go out and ENJOY LIFE

You really need to lose weight because life is too short to spend it wishing you were someone else.

How much longer are you going to continue wasting your wonderful life in a body you don’t like?

If you want to talk about losing weight this year then email me back and tell me what’s stopping you – I’d love to help!

Or if you know what’s stopping you and you just need to take action and dive in why not join the BABEs and I for our January Kick Start Taster Week so you can get excited about your wardrobe again!

Kimbo’s Top Tip

Set yourself realistic goals, unrealistic ones will put you in the fail, sabotage, self soothe loop. Instead pick low hanging fruit, like changing to a protein and fat based breakfast, something realistic that you will achieve easily.
This achievement will EMPOWER you. People who feel powerful and proud of their achievements don’t self sooth, they don’t need the comfort, they are flying!

What is the easiest thing you can change in your life that will make the biggest difference?