Ready to start making those resolutions a reality yet?

I know that many of you are coming back to camp this week and will be starting out on a cleaner nutrition plan than you may have followed the last two weeks!

Don’t worry! We all overindulged at Christmas!

I personally think that last week was the worst week of the year for me!

It’s the week it all hits home – all the promises you made, telling yourself it’s OK, just one more because it’s all change on the 1st Jan!

But the 1st, 2nd and 3rd comes and goes and you’re still not on plan and struggling…

You haul yourself back to camp, but it’s been 2 weeks since you donned your trainers and the strain is starting to show, not just in your jeans but your energy too!

So let’s try again this week.

It’s the morning so many of us have promised ourselves will be our new start – kids back to school, clean eating, and back to camp.

I did manage my workout this morning and I have to say I felt better for it but was easier said than done! It’s a tough call when you have slowly slipped in to the comfort of inactivity, sweet, sugary carbs and buckets of booze.

It can seem impossible to get out of. I mean, let’s be honest, its nice! Well at first, when we feel comforted, warm and cosy, but that’s how it gets you and before you know it you are walking around fuzzy headed, bloated and exhausted on a blood sugar roller coaster!

That is when you make the decision to go from 0-60 and get clean! Only it isn’t that simple, I know, I am human too!

So start small this week, with the low hanging fruit…..

I want you to do 3 things…

1. Drink more water.
2. Balance your blood sugars – so more protein and fats, less carbs (especially the simple ones, the high GI ones that are like injecting a Cola into your veins)
3. And move! Either get yourself to camp (we will be nice) or get out and go for a 20-30-minute walk.

Just remember, take a few steps in the right direction and make a start.

Some people can go cold turkey, some take a little longer to “thaw out” – either way it’s OK, just keep moving forward. Some days you’ll go further than others, but always keep moving forward, even if it’s just a pigeon step!

If you’re struggling to go it alone and want some support it’s our January Jumpstart Taster Week this week, your no obligation chance to join us for a week and see what we are all about.

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