Want to know My Top Portion Hacks??

I love my food.

I am a BIG eater and a bit of a picker when I’m not on the ball, so I can easily over eat.

If we only ate when we were hungry, and then only until we are full!

But with so many overwhelming external cues to eat, limiting our portions and only eating when we need to is almost impossible!

Try following these simple hacks for the next week and feel the difference in your clothes

  1. Before you eat ask yourself, am I hungry? 
  2. Physical hunger will subside with a snack or meal, emotional hunger is virtually impossible to satisfy.
  3. Try having a glass of water and waiting 10 minutes. Thirst and hunger feel the same.
  4. Downsize your cutlery, plates and glasses – don’t eat off of anything larger than 9 inches across.
  5. Split large packages of food into their correct portion sizes.
  6. Eat only at the table, not in the car, in front of the TV, computer, or anywhere that distractions will cause you to eat mindless calories.
  7. Don’t leave food in your line of sight, serve your food away from the table rather than leaving it in sight. 
  8. Hide away tempting foods; don’t have food in jars on the side.
  9. Unless batch cooking, cook only what you need & put leftovers away immediately, into the fridge or freezer.

These small changes can help create the energy deficit you need if you’re looking to lose weight.

Imagine the possibilities if you apply those strategies whilst following the rest of the BABEs protocols!

Kimbo’s Top Tip

Keep it simple and use your hands to measure your portions….

Protein (Meat, Fish, Eggs) – The palm of your hand
Fats (Nuts, Seeds, Butter, Olive & Coconut Oil) – Your thumb size
Carbohydrates (Potato, Rice, Starchy Veg) – The size of your fist
Non Starchy Vegetables – Two large fistfuls