What’s The Truth About Those New Year Diet Shows?

Are you watching the diet shows that are on at the moment?

Most of them are like nails scraping down a blackboard to me! Misleading b*!!**ks funded by the diet industry!

Watching people crash diet to lose half a stone in 7 days with no follow up to show you how they put the majority back on the week after when they return to their normal way of eating, or even worse, the extra weight they gain later as a result of starving themselves gets me MAD!

All diets work, for a while…

But the best route to simple, long lasting weight loss is a change of lifestyle.

The fact is, the spare tyre you carry is made up of choices, and it is all about making the right ones.

The fact is, an unhealthy lifestyle made you gain weight in the first place, and that is what needs to change to get you out of it.

You have to be prepared to make different choices, sometimes hard choices, but the more you make the right choices, the more they will take over from the bad choices!

It’s about habits, changing the bad habits into good ones, going for a quick workout on the way home from work instead of coming home and switching on the TV or having nuts and seeds in your desk draw instead of chocolate biscuits.

It is choosing nutrient packed eggs and spinach for breakfast instead of the sugar-laden cereals you start the day with.

It’s saving your nightly glass of vino for a treat (and not then demolishing the whole bottle!)

Weight loss is not complicated, but it can be hard, I’m not going to tell you different. Changing the habits of a lifetime are never easy and it is certainly not as simple as just doing a bit more exercise or cutting out one food group.

It’s about making changes that will benefit you forever, not just whilst you are on your diet.

Get it right and the rewards are vast: increased energy, decreased waist line, feeling healthy, confident, and ALIVE!!

Changing your habits by exercising on a regular basis, eating clean nutritious food, eliminating processed, sugary junk full of trans fats and additives, and using the power of your mind with some great behavioural techniques will blow your weight loss efforts out of the water.

Each journey is different, but one thing remains the same. Clean nutrition, exercise, education and behaviour change is all part of the process and needs to be worked on together.

Kimbos Top Tip
DON’T Diet!
That’s it….make changes instead!

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