What Do Naturally Slim People Do??

It was like a slap in the face!

You know those moments when it just all becomes clear? Well I had one of those whilst in Spain with my in-laws!

We had a few meals together and at the last meal my father in law, who has always has been a very lean and healthy man, said to me

“God Kim, have you finished already?”

Ouch! And I know the importance of chewing your food, but for someone who loves their food so dearly, I can sometimes forget to actually taste what I am shovelling in! (OK, I am not that bad! I have seen far worse, but you get the picture!)

So I put a question in our private members group, the BABEs Hangout
“How long does it take you to eat a meal”

The ones who took the longest were what I would call the naturally slim ones, those who have remained consistently slim and they said that they were always the last to finish.

Chewing your food is vital to health:

  1. It releases more energy from the food
  2. It breaks down the nutrients for easier absorption
  3. It prevents undigested particles of food entering your blood stream and causing a host of health problems
  4. It will help you stay slim – the longer your chew the more time you spend eating and the more satisfaction you will get from your meal – studies have shown people eat 10% fewer calories when they chew their food longer
  5. You’ll feel fuller for longer – it takes 20 minutes for the brain to get the full signal
  6. You release more saliva, saliva is full of digestive enzymes that help break down your food
  7. You enjoy and taste your food a lot more!

Chewing tends to run in families, ie if your family eat fast then chances are you will too!

The good news is you can start to make the change in your family as I am going to try in mine (my children take after me) straight away!

  1. Take smaller bites
  2. Chew slow and steady until your food loses its texture
  3. Put your knife and fork down in between bites
  4. Finish one mouthful before you load up for the next
  5. See who can be the last to finish

Bon appetite!

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Chewing is my favourite exercise