How Did He Lose Over A Stone In Six Weeks From Doing This??

After all my moaning about diet shows in the media I was last week really PLEASED to see one show trailing the effect of 7-9 hours sleep a night on weight loss, with great success.

Now the guy was eating a lot of crap to start with, but the point for me wasn’t just the effects sleep has on fat loss whilst sleeping, but the effect it has on your hunger and decision-making whilst awake.

********He lost 1 stone 3lbs in 6 weeks just from sleeping!**********

When my clients lose sleep their eating gets out of hand with what and how much they eat.

Our bodies’ chemistry is directly affected by sleep quality. We go through a complex chain of reactions to revitalise, rejuvenate and balance us whilst we sleep.

If we cut short or disrupt our sleep then we deny our minds and bodies the chance to function and burn fat at an optimal level.

During sleep the hormones leptin, ghrelin, cortisol, insulin and HGH (growth hormone) responsible for appetite control, sugar cravings, metabolism and fat storage are being reset and balanced.

Numerous studies have linked lack of sleep to weight gain, due to the disruption of these key fat loss hormones.

Levels of leptin cause you to get hungry and crave sugary high-energy foods, totally inconducive with being lean!

A high level of ghrelin caused by lack of sleep increases the appetite and leaves you susceptible to overeating.

Insulin, a key player in fat storage, weight loss and maintenance, causes cravings and hunger when we are sleep deprived.

Lack of sleep is a stress on the body and when the body is stressed it produces cortisol, which causes fat storage, particularly around the belly.

We release testosterone during deep sleep, vital for us girls as our levels are 10 times lower than men, (it’s the reason your husband loses weight so easily!)

When it comes to burning fat, testosterone is key, as is Growth Hormone (HGH), AKA the fountain of youth!!!!

HGH burns fat and builds muscle but as we stop growing levels begin to drop and we age. The best way to keep HGH elevated is sleep, good nutrition and strength training.

So you see, keeping this delicate hormonal balance level is so important when it comes to fat loss and one of the keys to this is getting enough sleep.

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