Working Out Fasted or Not? What’s best?

I get asked a lot about when to eat if you’re training…

Should you work out fasted or not? And what should you eat before a workout??

Well, it depends.

If you work out before 8am like our early BABEs, I would say it depends how you feel. If eating that early makes you feel ill, then go for a large glass of water and have a high protein breakfast like eggs, smoked salmon, sardines, bacon with some veggies or fruit for carbohydrate as soon as you get home.

A protein and berry smoothie can work too!

If you want a small snack before you work out, then half a banana with some Greek yogurt about 30 minutes before your workout is ideal.

If you are working out after 8am like our 9.15 girls, then you really should have had breakfast by then, but for this hold back the carbs until after your workout.

How about evening workouts, like our 6.30pm BABEs? Well you should have had a good breakfast and lunch by then so I would suggest a small snack of apple slices with nut butter, boiled eggs, or our friend the banana again. Easily digestible carbs with a bit of protein is ideal.

Mostly, it depends how you feel. For me, I find that if I work out fasted I just don’t have the strength or stamina that I do when I have eaten, so I always have something. If it’s really early, even a handful of nuts as I head out the door.

But I ALWAYS have a good drink before I leave the house.

Rehydration is vital after a night’s sleep. You won’t be able to perform optimally with a dehydrated body!

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Kimbo’s Top Tip

Get some carbohydrates in after your workout for a quicker recovery. It’s the ideal time to eat your carbs as your metabolism is at its highest. Avoid wheat, try sticking to starchy veg such as sweet potato, squashes and tubers or fruit instead.

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