Workouts Not Working? Here’s 8 Reasons Why…

If you are fed up with spending half of your life at the gym yet seeing little results, then it’s probably time to revamp your workouts.

Here are the most likely reasons your workouts aren’t working…

  1. You’ve been doing them too long – doing the same workout for over 4 weeks can slow fat loss down and cause a plateau. The body adapts to a new workout very fast and it takes less effort and energy to power through. Try something new.
  2. You aren’t working hard enough – are you really giving it your all?? A high fat burning workout is short, fast and furious. You should be out of breath and just about able to speak.
  3. You’re doing too much cardio –There is a misconception that the more cardio you do the better, but the opposite is true. Long steady state cardio causes cortisol levels to rise (another fat STORING hormone). Keep your cardio short and sweet, with short sharp bursts. Done right, 20 minutes can be enough.
  4. You are scared of the weights area – Strength training will increase your metabolism and tone your body far better than cardio ever will. Don’t be afraid of dumbbells.
  5. You’re over fuelling – you need to be burning more energy than you consume, so overeating, even healthy stuff, undoes all your good work! Same for energy drinks. Unless you are an athlete, training several times a day, stick to our favourite fat burning elixir – H20! Other reasons include:
  6. You’ve got the wrong gym buddy – choose wisely!
  7. You’re inconsistent – for the best results you need to be consistent, dipping in and out will only keep putting you back and leave you prone to injury.
  8. You’re not using your whole body – choose full body moves such as press ups, squats, rows, etc that use a range of muscles rather than isolated ones (as used in moves like bicep curls) will mean burning far more fat and using a lot more energy!

A few changes could make all the difference!

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