Why Are The BABEs Going Sugar Free This Camp??

We are going sugar free for our Feb camp at BABEs – ekkkk!

We know it is sugar not fat that is the demon in our diets, responsible for slowly killing us by raising our cholesterol, increasing Type 2 diabetes to epidemic proportions and causing many cancers.

Sugar is the biggest driver in the obesity crisis that is literally stealing the lives of people, causing many of us to walk around in a “carb coma” feeling low, maybe even depressed and tired all the time.

Especially the youngsters who are living on sugar laden drinks, not just the fizzy obvious ones like Coke but the more hidden ones like flavoured waters, fruit juices and sports drinks that are touted as healthy but contain as much sugar as a can of coke!

Since the late 70’s when the amount of fat we consumed started to drop by about 20% (due to misleading information about fat causing heart disease), obesity rapidly increased as the amount of carbohydrates we consumed rose (because they told us wholegrains were good for the heart).

Did you know… the average weight is up 12lbs and heart disease is too.

Never in our history have we been exposed to such high levels of this substance that has been proven to be MORE ADDICTIVE than cocaine!

The 1900s saw an increase in sugar consumption and although granulated sugar sales have reduced, (less people sweetening drinks and cooking) consumption has risen due to the rise in the amount of processed foods containing large amounts of sugars being eaten.

WHO recommends that sugar consumption is 5% of daily calorie intake – approx. 25gms or 6 teaspoons a day – based on a 2000 cals a day diet.

UK currently sits at about 17% which based on a 2000 cal a day diet is around 340 cals approx. 85gms or about 22 teaspoons – now that’s a lot!

****1 teaspoon = 4gms****

So are you ready to join us and kick your craving to the curb?

Over the next few weeks I am going to be talking about how to do just that and sharing some of my favourite sugar free treats!

Are you ready to stop your constant need to eat? That empty feeling of never being quiet satisfied, always wanting some thing else?
Me too!
Let’s do this together ladies!

Love Kim xx

P.S. If you fancy going sugar free with the BABEs team then join us over at www.surreybootcamps.com

blame sugar for everything