Need Help to Keep On Track this Half Term? Try My Tips & Workout Video…

I was going to say that I am lucky because with a teenager who wants to be as far away from me as possible (once he finally gets out of bed) and another one who is now working full time, half term doesn’t really affect me. But the truth is I wish it did – I miss it!

However, I don’t miss struggling to get my workouts in and feeling frustrated as the week drew on and I felt less and less like exercising and more and more like snacking and picking at rubbish and kids’ leftovers!

If half term sends your health and fitness routines out the window, then try these tips to keep you on track this week:

  1. Get it done early – if you’re a BABE then set your alarm and get down to the Early Bird’s camp. If not, set up an area in the living room and make exercise your first task of the day.
  2. If your kids are lively let them join in, it will set them up for the day too! It might not be exactly what you are used to, but the key over the holidays is to think about maintenance and consistency.
  3. Be active during the day – kids love walks in the woods, swimming, biking, playing chase, dancing …anything that gets you all moving!

So what about food? With the kids at home and treats around it can be a red alert time for picking!

  1. Make sure you stick with your high protein, high fat meals and snacks so that you are satisfied at meal time and not hungry.
  2. Do an online shop full of healthy snacks rather than sugary ones. Fruit Kebabs (made by them), Carrot Sticks, Hummus, Apple Slices with Nut Butter, Olives with Feta Cheese and Ham were always a hit in my house.
  3. You can find yourself all over the place at half term so batch cooking can be a life saver. Make double portions and plan ahead so there is always something quick and clean to hand.
  4. I always have a large pot of soup on the stove, it means that there is always a filling snack to hand in minutes.

If you want a workout you can do at home here is a blast from the past (it’s the first video I ever did and I obviously didn’t know that you could smile?! But the workout is guaranteed to set your metabolism on fire)

(BABEs…..If your children are well behaved and happy to watch you then they are welcome to the 9.15 session in the holidays)

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