Want a Delicious Soup Recipe to Detox, Help your Gut and Reduce Inflammation?

A fantastic recipe from me to you this week - Cauliflower Korma Soup My husband says this is my best soup yet! The cauliflower and leeks mean it’s great one for detoxification, the homemade chicken stock is healing for the gut and the spices are great for reducing inflammation – it’s a win win! … [Read more...]

Why Summer could be sabotaging your healthy lifestyle!

A post from our Epsom coach - Jen Ireland The sunny weather is finally here and the supermarkets and grocers are full of this season’s fruits and vegetables, you have become more active; cycling at the weekend, going for a walk at lunchtime or even getting to your Babes on the Run camp before work, yet the pounds have started to creep on! ‘What’s going on?’, you ask yourself. Could it be that Summer temptations have got the better of you? Here are some reasons as to why: It’s … [Read more...]

Tuesday’s Super Smoothie …

                    (Serves 2) 1 avocado 1/2 a small cucumber 2 sticks of celery 1 big handful of spinach 1/2 a banana 1tsp cinnamon 2tsp Lean Greens Coconut Water Ice Blend all ingredients together, adding enough coconut water to reach the desired consistency. Got your Lean Greens yet???? … [Read more...]