My Story

Hi there and thanks for browsing our site.

My name is Kim Raine, owner and founder of Babes on the Run and the author of the Fit And Strong in Twenty plan. I just wanted to take a minute to say hi and let you know a bit about me.

As a busy working mum I always struggled to find time to workout and look after my health and fitness. Having battled with my weight in the past and spent my twenties yo yo dieting I hit thirty with a slow metabolism and a slave to the morning weigh in that would set up my mood for the day.

To be honest it just wasn’t fair, I, unlike many of my skinny friends loved exercise and spent hours in the gym, doing body pump classes and slogging away on the treadmill, but it got me no where fast.

I just about managed to keep my weight down by spending hours at the gym and eating as little as I could, in the end I was just miserable, feeling guilty if I was at the gym and away from Jordan & Freddie and guilty if I was with Jordan & Freddie and not at the gym. Having to miss a day sent me into a blind panic.

Having to always come last is tough, as with all mums my number 1 priority is looking after my families happiness and keeping everything running smoothly, making sure they all have enough clean socks and arrive on time to swimming practise etc.

So to look after myself as well was tough, there just weren’t enough hours in the day.

It was virtually impossible finding the time to drive 20 mins to the gym, get changed, workout for an hour, shower, and drive back home at the end of it, the whole thing would end up taking two hours, and that’s two hours I just don’t have.

I was fed up with cooking meals for my family that I couldn’t join in with, too scared to eat what they were having in case I put on weight.

Then we moved to Spain, although it was a long term move the first three months were like a holiday, long lazy lunches, afternoon siestas and late night tapas soon took its toll and the weight piled on.

Desperate to lose the weight I began to diet again, but ended up feeling deprived most of the time and dreading family and friends coming to visit as I knew they would want to go out for endless meals that would sabotage my weight loss efforts.

I decided to get a personal trainer who could lick me into shape. Within a few months I was back on top of things. I learnt so much from her that and I just loved the new me. It was Sharon who suggested I joined the fitness industry, I knew it was what I had always wanted to do and felt so passionate about, so excitedly I did.

It was great, my passion and my career where entwined, what could be better. I couldn’t get enough knowledge and have spent the last six years studying and being mentored by some of the industries top trainers.

Since then I have coached at a top European weight loss retreat and educated fellow hopeful Personal Trainers at the Australian Institute of Fitness. I have had access to some of the industries best kept secrets, and trained with some of the countries top trainers.

I have empowered hundreds of clients (mostly women) to reach their health and fitness goals, and keep them for life!

My health philosophy is simple “Life is too short to spend it wishing you were someone or something else, spending your days wishing you were thinner, prettier, sexier, had a better job, a different partner, won’t make it happen – STOP WISHING START LIVING! You are in control of your own destiny, get up and make it happen!! Fat loss and good health is not difficult, it needn’t take over your life or your thoughts Train to be strong Move to feel alive Eat to be nourished

Follow these three simple rules and you will be thin. Enjoy life, you don’t need to deny yourself, eat with family, drink with friends, have the good times, soak them up. BUT, understand this, everything in moderation, you CANNOT keep overeating, under moving and expect to be at your fittest, healthiest, and look your best. If you want the healthiest and best body you can possibly have – wishing for it is not enough!

I have been where you are, I know how hard it is to lose weight, I understand what a struggle it can be to stop yourself finishing your children’s leftovers when you clear the table instead of eating proper meals yourself, or even worse eating another meal with your partner after that! Yes, I too have been tempted by other quick fix solutions, diet pills and painfully dangerous low calorie diets that just end up throwing your body in to starvation mode, making it a fat storing machine.

I tried the magazines workouts and plans that told me I could lose a stone in two weeks like the latest celeb, they were just time consuming, complicated and didn’t work. I spent money going to slimming clubs, buying their vile processed food and religiously counting the values in foods, just to be congratulated for NOT gaining weight each week (a real low point!)

In fact, looking back I cannot believe how lost, confused and frustrated I was about the whole thing, and the effect this had on my everyday life, and that of my children.

Like me you probably cannot afford to waste your precious workout time or money, you want results but without the expense of the personal trainers, nutritionist and life coaches associated with the perfect figure.

That’s why I want to provide down to earth solutions for REAL women.

Here I can bring you exercises and workouts that leave you burning fat even after your workout AND nutrition that you can fit in with the rest of the family.

This is not about quick fix solutions; it is about a plan that will take you through life maintaining a slim, strong and healthy body.

What are you waiting for STOP WISHING and START LIVING – TODAY!

With Love

Kim x