On Remand In Holloway Prison For PMS?! Listen To This!

Nikki Owen is a best-selling author and award winning international speaker who passionately believes that charisma is vital to high performance, health and happiness. I was lucky enough to have her on the Healthy Happy Radio Show last week and she didn’t disappoint. Nikki shares her unbelievable story that takes us from solitary confinement in Holloway prison to the top of her game as an international motivational speaker, who blows me away (and usually makes me cry) every time I see … [Read more...]

Need Help to Keep On Track this Half Term? Try My Tips & Workout Video…

I was going to say that I am lucky because with a teenager who wants to be as far away from me as possible (once he finally gets out of bed) and another one who is now working full time, half term doesn’t really affect me. But the truth is I wish it did – I miss it! However, I don’t miss struggling to get my workouts in and feeling frustrated as the week drew on and I felt less and less like exercising and more and more like snacking and picking at rubbish and kids' leftovers! If … [Read more...]

Want a Healthy, Clean, 3 Course Valentine’s Menu? Here you go…

Here's a 3 course menu for you to make sure your Valentine's celebration goes with a bang (oo-er!!) Whether you're planning a romantic meal with your other half or just want to do something nice with friends, but don't want calorie remorse the following morning, here is your answer... A starter, main course and dessert that are all easy to cook, tasty and best of all they're clean so you won't pile on the lbs. All taken from my 30 Days of Fat Loss Recipe Bundle, available to buy. I've … [Read more...]

Is Your Clean Diet Full Of Sugar?

Good morning girls! “Clean” eating is now all the rage, us BABEs love it! Have you spiralised a courgette to replace your spaghetti yet? There are some fantastic cookbooks and blogs out there with delicious wheat, dairy and “sugar free” alternatives to all your favourites! But on closer inspection not all of these recipes are as healthy as they seem, many are packed full of sugar. Refined sugar, no, but sugar all the same. Refined sugars are extremely addictive (affecting the … [Read more...]

Why Are The BABEs Going Sugar Free This Camp??

We are going sugar free for our Feb camp at BABEs – ekkkk! We know it is sugar not fat that is the demon in our diets, responsible for slowly killing us by raising our cholesterol, increasing Type 2 diabetes to epidemic proportions and causing many cancers. Sugar is the biggest driver in the obesity crisis that is literally stealing the lives of people, causing many of us to walk around in a “carb coma” feeling low, maybe even depressed and tired all the time. Especially the … [Read more...]

Healthy Diet Means No Curry? Not With Our Slim Curry Recipes!

Why should eating a healthy diet mean you have to miss out on a Curry? Here's my new curry recipe for Thai Green Curry with Fish! I have it on a bed of spring greens - it's gorgeous!   And taken from my Slim Curry Cookbook, why not try this? Who doesn't love a curry? It's the nations favourite takeaway but one of the things most people miss on a "diet" but not us BABEs! The Slim Curry Cookbook is full of clean eating, tasty curries, that are simple and easy to … [Read more...]

Workouts Not Working? Here’s 8 Reasons Why…

If you are fed up with spending half of your life at the gym yet seeing little results, then it’s probably time to revamp your workouts. Here are the most likely reasons your workouts aren’t working… You’ve been doing them too long – doing the same workout for over 4 weeks can slow fat loss down and cause a plateau. The body adapts to a new workout very fast and it takes less effort and energy to power through. Try something new. You aren’t working hard enough – are you … [Read more...]

Working Out Fasted or Not? What’s best?

I get asked a lot about when to eat if you're training... Should you work out fasted or not? And what should you eat before a workout?? Well, it depends. If you work out before 8am like our early BABEs, I would say it depends how you feel. If eating that early makes you feel ill, then go for a large glass of water and have a high protein breakfast like eggs, smoked salmon, sardines, bacon with some veggies or fruit for carbohydrate as soon as you get home. A protein and berry smoothie … [Read more...]

Want My Clean Recipe for Chicken Supreme?

So how is your clean eating going this month? Here's my recipe for my 'Too Good To Be Clean Chicken Supreme'. This is so tasty you can hardly believe it's GOOD for you! Enjoy!! For more recipes, nutrition and lifestyle advice, come to our next Taster Week starting on Monday 6th Feb. For more information or to sign up click here http://surreybootcamps.com/   … [Read more...]

Trouble Sleeping? Follow My Top Tips…

Sleep is our primary source of rest/recovery and hence any disruption too or lack of will not only impact on the rate at which you burn fat but also your energy levels, your cravings, your mood, recovery times, your overall hormone cascade and your all round health. Ultimately, if you don't sleep well/regularly enough, you are under-recovered and under-repaired BOTH physically and psychologically, hence the numerous side affects that we unfortunately often ignore. Just look at how a five year … [Read more...]