How Did He Lose Over A Stone In Six Weeks From Doing This??

After all my moaning about diet shows in the media I was last week really PLEASED to see one show trailing the effect of 7-9 hours sleep a night on weight loss, with great success. Now the guy was eating a lot of crap to start with, but the point for me wasn’t just the effects sleep has on fat loss whilst sleeping, but the effect it has on your hunger and decision-making whilst awake. ********He lost 1 stone 3lbs in 6 weeks just from sleeping!********** When my clients lose sleep their … [Read more...]

Want a Delicious Soup Recipe to Detox, Help your Gut and Reduce Inflammation?

A fantastic recipe from me to you this week - Cauliflower Korma Soup My husband says this is my best soup yet! The cauliflower and leeks mean it’s great one for detoxification, the homemade chicken stock is healing for the gut and the spices are great for reducing inflammation – it’s a win win! … [Read more...]

What Do Naturally Slim People Do??

It was like a slap in the face! You know those moments when it just all becomes clear? Well I had one of those whilst in Spain with my in-laws! We had a few meals together and at the last meal my father in law, who has always has been a very lean and healthy man, said to me “God Kim, have you finished already?” Ouch! And I know the importance of chewing your food, but for someone who loves their food so dearly, I can sometimes forget to actually taste what I am shovelling in! (OK, I am … [Read more...]

What’s The Truth About Those New Year Diet Shows?

Are you watching the diet shows that are on at the moment? Most of them are like nails scraping down a blackboard to me! Misleading b*!!**ks funded by the diet industry! Watching people crash diet to lose half a stone in 7 days with no follow up to show you how they put the majority back on the week after when they return to their normal way of eating, or even worse, the extra weight they gain later as a result of starving themselves gets me MAD! All diets work, for a while… But … [Read more...]

Want to Know How to Feed the Family Healthy Meals in Minutes?

Did you hear this month’s Happy Healthy Radio Show? This month I was talking to the energetic, full of beans Be Kassapian, about how to feed the family healthy meals that take minutes, how to LOVE cooking and the importance of it! My biggest take away is the family recipe file - a great way of keeping all the family happy and healthy. Listen in at Then join in the conversation with other women just like you over … [Read more...]

Want to know My Top Portion Hacks??

I love my food. I am a BIG eater and a bit of a picker when I’m not on the ball, so I can easily over eat. If we only ate when we were hungry, and then only until we are full! But with so many overwhelming external cues to eat, limiting our portions and only eating when we need to is almost impossible! Try following these simple hacks for the next week and feel the difference in your clothes… Before you eat ask yourself, am I hungry?  Physical hunger will subside with a snack … [Read more...]

Ready to start making those resolutions a reality yet?

I know that many of you are coming back to camp this week and will be starting out on a cleaner nutrition plan than you may have followed the last two weeks! Don't worry! We all overindulged at Christmas! I personally think that last week was the worst week of the year for me! It’s the week it all hits home - all the promises you made, telling yourself it's OK, just one more because it’s all change on the 1st Jan! But the 1st, 2nd and 3rd comes and goes and you're still not on plan … [Read more...]

Want the Top Tips from our BABEs of the Year? Read on…

Setting goals is easy, staying on track can be tough - but not for our 2016 Superstar BABEs! Each one of these ladies has achieved something special in the last year with us and so I thought who better to get you motivated and focused than the BABEs themselves?! I asked them for their top tips for staying on track throughout the year. Here is what they had to say …. Lesley – 2016 BABE of the Year “Always plan and prep your meals for the week in advance. That way when you come home … [Read more...]

Want to know What’s The Icing on the Fat Loss Cake?

So last week we spoke a lot about nutrition and goal setting, but what about the exercise, the icing on the cake! Firstly, for the quickest and best results you need to be doing some resistance exercise. If you think this is going to be a struggle for you, then start by booking a couple of slots in your diary each week to get active. When could you fit some exercise in? If you want to lose weight, have more energy and a toned body that you will love showing off in the summer you must find … [Read more...]

Why Do You Really Need to Lose Weight This Year?

How many times do you think to yourself, I really need to lose weight or get fit? Daily? Hourly? That’s the first reason you really need to lose weight, it is occupying your mind and taking up precious thoughts. Every time you think “I need to lose weight” you’re reminding yourself that once again you have failed, you have failed from the last time you said it. You are just reinforcing your negative self-image. You really want to lose weight but you can’t, so you feel a … [Read more...]