FREE Webinar – How to Make 2017 Your Most Successful Year – Tonight!

So did you do your New Year review? If you missed yesterday’s post you can check out our annual review HERE or if you get stuck doing stuff like that then come and do it with the BABEs and I later! No matter what your goal is this year – increase your fitness, lose weight, tone up & get bikini fit – this webinar will show you how! If you want to make the most of being on planet Earth in 2017, then join the BABEs and I tonight for our FREE Make 2017 Our Best Year EVER … [Read more...]

How can you Achieve What You Want in 2017?

Happy New Year! I hope you did something suitably sparkly last night! I love NY day, the perfect time for a fresh start! I like to take some time out ….(whilst nursing a bit of a fragile head) to write out an annual review… Step 1 DECIDE  First I list all the things I want to achieve over the next year. I don’t hold back, some of it is a bit ridiculous, but fun. I do big things, small things, easy things, challenging things – just a big brain dump of all the things I want to … [Read more...]

What Do You Need to Know About Eating To Lose Weight?

OMG - I am still stuffed! When will all the fun end? Only joking, but I am looking forward to being able to get back to normality. December has taken it's toll on my energy and my waistline! But today I am going to give you the tools to get yourself a bulletproof strategy so you can make the right nutrition choices that will help you lose weight and get your health back once and for all in 2017! First, I am going to tell you what I DON’T want you to do! I don’t want you to go on … [Read more...]

What’s the Best Plan for Fast Fat Loss?

Are you going to diet next year…as in in 4 days time? Let me ask you… Have you dieted in the last year? Have you lost more than 10 pounds and kept it off more than 10 months? Do you eat normal foods? Do you enjoy your food – guilt free? In experience of helping 100’s of women’s transform their bodies the answer often goes – Yes, No, No, No. Losing weight and keeping it off is bloody hard to be blunt, the odds are stacked against us from the start. We no longer know … [Read more...]

Ready to get rid of the bloat today?

My belly feels like I have swallowed a watermelon…whole! And I have been pretty good all things considered! The carb come down is a killer and if you’re like me, it's left you feeling fat, bloated and wanting more!!!! So here’s my plan for getting rid of the bloat super-fast! Get the veggies back in How about making a big pot of my BABEs veggie soup? It’s a great way to get your fibre back on track. Get the recipe HERE. Or make a big turkey and goats cheese salad? Every time a … [Read more...]

Anyone for a Christmas cocktail? These won’t ruin your waistline…

We’re nearly there! It’s getting exciting, there is magic in the air! I hope that you are going to do your best to stay on track over this long and festive weekend, but remember, it is just a weekend, not a week! I thought I would post you a few cocktails for sipping over the holidays that won’t ruin your waist line, well 1 or 2 maximum - 3 will start to have an effect! Merry Christmas! See you on the other side! … [Read more...]

Looking to limit the damage of your Christmas boozing?

Most of us are going to have a few drinks over the Christmas period and why not… as long as it is just a few and not enough to pickle your liver! Here’s how to limit the damage…. Your best bet is Red Organic, Bio-dynamic Wine. Biodynamic means not only are the grapes organic, so grown without any fertilizers or pesticides but the wine is produced naturally without chemical processing too. Organic, although grown organically may not be processed organically – this is still a … [Read more...]

How can you stay on track when there aren’t enough hours in the day??

Want to know how to stay on track when there aren’t enough hours in the day? Last week I had a coaching session where my client had had a “bad” week. To be honest I actually LIKE it when they have a bad week – shhh don’t tell them that! But when every week is going great, I know they aren’t really learning or growing much - challenges are good! And there are no more challenging weeks than these ones! Planning is the key to getting through Christmas: 1. Get to bed by 10pm as … [Read more...]

Want to Get Your Metabolism Fired Up for Christmas?

I wrote the other day about breakfast and how certain macro nutrients (protein and fat) keep you fuller for longer - it prompted me to share with you one of my favourite metaphors from my old PT lecturing days. Think of your metabolism as a fire ….. If you put kindling on the fire it will light up quickly, it will burn fast and you will need to keep adding more and more to keep it from going out… this is the equivalent to how carbs are used in the body. Now imagine putting a log on … [Read more...]

Are Your Fingers in the Quality Street Already?

Hello Happy December I thought it’s about time I piped up again! I have to say I don’t think I’m alone struggling with my time management at this time of the year. It’s a crazy time for us girls right? So who has chocolates in the office already? We have a few teachers at camp who really struggle with the staff room at this time of year, one BABE in particular was telling us how she struggles and gives in to the constant temptation. With a bit of delving we discovered she … [Read more...]